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  Date: 2/20/2003 5:53 AM
  To: rick@rickmcginnis.com

CAMPAIGN AGAINST WAR TELEPHONE:0031630560624 FAX NO: 0031617534769 Dear Sir, We are a group of youth whose goal is to carry out a peaceful campaign across Europe in respect of this upcoming war (strike) by the U.S.A. Our job is to make sure that we campaign against strike and at the same time making people know the reason why this war shouldn't start at all. But remember, It is a peaceful campaign and also we need a little financial support for this campaign to be successful. If you are willing to help in the financial support, Please kindly send us your telephone and fax number, all contact so that we can reach you at all time. Remember, your little financial support could stop the war and Let us the war to save our children. If you're in support, please send a reply. Regards, Abubello1@netscape.net