Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 09:25:17 +0100
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  To: rick@rickmcginnis.com

Dear Sir,


This letter may come to you as a surprise but it was out of my sincere desire to share a mutual business relationship with you. I got to know of you through an international directory forwarded to me by the family of late President Kabila of The Democratic Republic of Congo, in which your designation and status as a capable Godly personality who can be trusted. Hence I deem it fit to confide in you.
I am a solicitor by name Randy Lawani, a personal lawyer to the Kabila family and consequently represent their interest with due respect to their monetary affairs. The family has $9.000.000:00[nine Million United States Dollars] currently in a security company vault; this huge sum of money is in a coded form. The present President Joseph Kabila intends to use this money for investment purposes without the consent of any foreign body outside the family.
To come straight to the point, this money has been moved from Congo through Switzerland to Amsterdam in The Netherlands, and the Kabilas need you as a reliable investor that could be trusted with the PIN and CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT to enable us use the funds outside The Democratic Republic of Congo. After lots of deliberations and considerations I as the family lawyer with the authority invested in me to immediately work on ways and means of transferring this sum of money to a reliable and trust worthy foreign partner that will be able to help and assist us secure the funds in a suitable account. I am convinced you are the right person to handle the said proposal, if we have to achieve our goals and objective.

Moreover, the personal identification Number Certificate Deposit and The Letter of Authority from my law firm that will facilitate transfer of the funds is in my possession. Since no name was used in securing the funds in the vault, your name will be passed and tagged on the consignment of funds as the rightful owner. The family have reached an agreement with me that 25% of the total sum of the funds will be for your assistance towards this transaction. 5% for eventual expenses that might be incurred on the course of this transaction if any, and 70% will be invested by you in other business of interest for the family.

. Finally, I wish to assure you that this transaction will not attract any risk on your behalf. Furthermore, all documentations covering this transactions will be sent to you for Verification.Your response is urgently required in other to speed up the process.
 Thanks in advance.

 Esq, [Barrister]