Subject: Hi. My name is Sandy Lee and help me to pass my class
  Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 22:55:30 -0800
  From: "Sandy Lee"
  To: rick@rickmcginnis.com

Hi. My name is Sandy Lee

I'm currently attending Washington Lake High School in Washington State.

For my psychology class we received a new project called 'Extended Learning Plan'

I chose the topic 'factors that brings the happiness'. For this project I must survey certain amount of people in order to receive a good grade.

I hope that you take couple seconds to fill out the survey to help me. Please Click Here to take the survey.

Thank you for your cooperation. I picked out this email address randomly, so your privacy is secured. For any questions or comments please send email to sandylee896@yahoo.com

What is the true happiness??

It's a mysterious question that is asked by many people throughout the history of mankind.

But unfortunately, it seems like no one can give a clear answer to this question.

Because my father is a minister, he always told me 'the true happiness does not come from wealth but from God.'

But does it really?? Do you believe the true happiness comes from God also?

wealth? successful life? your family? physical pleasure? no? then where does the true hapiness come from? To take the survey please Click Here


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