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  Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 09:14:13 +0800

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To: Kindly Contributor
Subject: Save My Family and Fortune
Tell. 002379669996

This letter may come to you as a surprise as we have not met, but it is a serious matter. I am desperately in need of help. I am Mr. Toma savimbi, son of the late rebel leader Jonas Savimbi of Angola who was killed on the 22nd of February 2002. I managed to get your contact details through the Internet. Time is of the essence and I am desperate. My late father, Jonas Savimbi was able to deposit some funds abroad with a Security Company that he intended to make purchases with. Our movement presently (including me) is restricted. We were released from the restrictions of Angola and has thus relocated temporarily to Cameroon. Right now the Government is trying to lay claim to some of his wealth by saying it was gained through arms smuggling and by my father's extended family and relations who want a share of his properties at any cost.

Most of his wealth remains hidden, to even me. I, being close to my father, happen to be in possession of documents and information of some of the wealth. Presently, the US$ 14,200,000.00 (Fourteen Million, two hundred thousand United Stated Dollars) cash my father transferred to abroad before his death for some purchases he intended to make and it is now safe in a security firm. I have the pass code and the documents to the security firm. This is where I will need your help because at present I want to act fast before the Angolan Government finds out.

I have the previlage in contacting you for an urgent assistance in this transaction. We have arranged to give you 20% of the total sum for your assistance, 5% for all expenses to be made and 75% for my family.

Moreover, the political climate in Angola at the moment is so sensitive and unstable. With this password and information and power of attorney you will be able to proceed to the security firm. But you will also have to give me a guarantee first. When you are ready, I will give you the information needed before you can get access to the funds. You will then proceed to the security company where the funds will be given to you as payment.


Yours sincerely,