composed entirely by electronic mail
with footnotes and explanatory digressions by Rick McGinnis




Prologue: Wherein the scene is set, and including a lesson on the ill-understood phenomenon of "globalization".

001: Johnson Vander Mulaga has US$14.5 million
in gem stones.

002: Col. Thomas Idah has US$30 million.

003: Dr. Idris Abubakar has US$35 million.

004: Moshood Seko Mobutu has US$50 million.

005: Dr. Raymond Uzor has US$20.5 million.

006: Mrs. Justina Kabila has US$22 million.

007: Mrs. Maryam Abacha has US$45 million.

008: Mrs. Monica Sese-Seko has US$35 million.

009: Mrs. Sara Sese-Seko has US$20 million.

010: Mrs. Sandra Savimbi has US$8.5 million.

011: Bosfor in Sevastopol has a marine
self-propelled crane for sale.

012: Chief Magna Yamani has US$7 million.

013: Lewis Changara has US$8.5 million.

014: Chief Magna Yamani is impatient.

015: Toma Savimbi has US$14.2 million.

016: Godfery Yakubu has US$15 million.

017: Mrs. Marian Sese-Seko has US$35 million.

018: Mrs. Felicia Kabila has US$20 million.

019: Sandy Lee wants to know: "What is Happiness?"

020: Mr. Okorie Ikell has US$15 million.

021: Mrs. Thaddee Kabila has US$22 million.

022: Timothy Mobutu has US$25 million.

023: Mrs. M. Sese Seko has US$30 million.

024: Mr. Phililp Williams has US$25 million.

025: Godwin Madabe has US$9 million.

026: Mrs. Mariam Abacha has US$30 million.

027: Pellati Mutti has US$9 million.

028: Dr. Frank Bamawo has US$9.6 million.

029: Randy Lawani has US$9 million.

030: Mrs. Mariam Sese-Seko has US$25 million.

031: Lauren Ntobo has US$4.5 million.

032: Hajia Mariam Abacha has US$40.3 million.

033: Paul Savimbi has US$18.5 million.

034: Bosfor in Sevastopol has a yacht for sale.

035: Dr. Adeniji Jones has US$65 million.

036: Mr. Johnson Dikko has US$18 million.

037: Mr. Tunji Davis has US$30 million.

038: Dr. Gina Amadasun has US$85.6 million.

039: Mr. Abu Bello seeks donations for peace.

040: Mr. Yank Domas has US$12.5 million.

041: Imo Imma has US$18.5 million.

042: Joyce Komba has US$12 million.

043: Johnson Ncube has US$8.5 million.

044: Mr. Akin Martins has US$2.5 million.

045: Mrs. Marriam Abacha has US$50.8 million.

046: Laurent Mpeti Kabila (Jnr) has US$10 million and some thousands of carats of diamonds.

047: God has told Elder Valentine Chika to invest in your church/ministry organization.

048: John Kabbah has US$15.5 million.

049: Dr. Jones/James Isioma/Abdul has US$25 million.

050: Dr. Edeki Igho Joshua has US$16.5 million.

051: Eric Lim is looking for a floating crane.

052: Karim Kabila has US$10 million.

053: Mr. Santigi Sankoh has US$15.5 million.

054: Rob Murphy wants some advice.

055: Rob Murphy wants to know how it works.


Epilogue: An overview; the Nigerian Scam
as competitive sport.