old blogs:

the diary thing
we used to call them web diaries - 1998 - 2005,
but the early years are offline, for good reason.

it was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work.

short-lived experiment in irritating
anyone who might have hired me.


movie reviews

book reviews

other stuff:

dear agnes
my dad's letters to my mom during the
last year of world war two.

toronto: the tour
an ambitious but abandoned project
about how a city changes.

no future (1998)
an essay about futurists, and why they're wrong.

barcelona (a very old place)
my first trip to continental europe; i was impressed.

a tissue of lies
an index devoted to stephen glass, who almost ruined
journalism singlehandedly back in the '90s.
they made a movie about him.
still gets lots of hits, though i haven't
updated it in ages.

the final curtain
an obituary for frank sinatra, originally
published in the globe & mail, 1998.
forgive the gruesome and dated web
design, please.

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