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I KNOW IT'S NOT VERY EVOLVED to define yourself by what you hate, but I am, nonetheless, a person driven by anger, more often than not. The following list is hardly anything to go to war over -- for the most part -- but it does go some way to defining my own, personal vision of hell.
  • Madonna. What an awful fraud.
  • "Impact" as a verb. "To impact." In fact, any noun turned into a verb at gunpoint: transition, re-purpose.
  • Owners of "attack" dogs. How anyone can turn a hopelessly loyal, gentle animal into a potential killer is beyond me.
  • Henry Kissinger.
  • Organ meat.
  • Tripe.
  • Processed cheese slices.
  • Homeopathy. The patent medicine of our day, and even cheaper to produce.
  • A Man in Love, by Diane Kurys. Probably the worst film I've ever seen.
  • Teenagers.
  • Me, as a teenager.
  • French philosophical thought.
  • The west coast.
  • 1970s fashions. I was there. It's not even good kitsch.
  • Shorts on grown men.
  • Nike running shoes.
  • Women who "surrender" to their men. They're lying.
  • Celebrity "guest editors" on magazines.
  • Celebrity journalism.
  • Celebrity trivia.
  • Celebrities.
  • Corn dogs.
  • Boy bands.
  • "Women's fiction". Just what the hell is that supposed to mean? Do you have to show i.d. at the bookstore?
  • People who yell "Wooo!" on the street at night.
  • People who kick over mailboxes.
  • People who drop their baggies of dogshit in your empty garbage can.
  • Almost every car produced after 1965.

"Love, friendship, respect, do not unite people as much as a common hatred for something."
- Anton Chekhov

The shopping list of a hate-filled man.
  • Hello! magazine.
  • The fashion industry.
  • Mark Kingwell.
  • Tapioca.
  • Canadian celebrities.
  • CD jewel cases.
  • The assholes who killed the Avro Arrow.
  • Neckties.
  • "Meet and Greets".
  • People who work out at the Y in bare feet. Nice fungal infestation,, nature boy.
  • Publicists who act like they're doing you a favour by doing their job.
  • Lite beer. You're drinking beer. What's the fucking point?
  • "Transgressive" art. Once again, what's the fucking point?
  • People who call themselves "anti-war". Only psychotics are "pro-war", and even then, not all psychotics.
  • Bubble tea. Disgusting.
  • The way Americans pronounce foyer: "foy-urr". It's what prevents me from watching "This Old House".
  • Nationalism.
  • Bass solos. 
  • Parkettes.
  • Platform anything.
  • Fundraising week on PBS.
  • Teva sandals.
  • Gated communities.
  • Writing your own vows.
  • Digital watches. Watches that make any sound except ticking.
  • Alco-pops: "hard lemonade", fruity vodka coolers. Kool-aid for the arrested development generation.
  • Condos.
  • Opera.
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Rick McGinnis
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