dear agnes
IBM punch card for Sgt. Bill McGinnis
April 24/45
Rockcliffe Ont.
Dear Agnes.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to write a little sooner but things have been pretty busy since I got back, they have gone crazy here again with ships trying to leave every day the Weather is good on the coast. 

We finished a job to-night and its ready to leave in the morning, and we have to wait for one comeing in to-morrow and it has to be sent back before we get our pass this week end, so I hope it doesn't run into a big job.

The news on discharges hasn't changed very much, although three chaps got theirs on monday, but its got to be on compassionate grounds so there isn't much chance for me.

This is our last night of bowling and we have one chance to get into the finals.  there is one team ahead of us by 198 points and if we can overcome that lead to-night we are in and they are out.  Last week I bowled just like I did on Saturday when I was home.  The first game I bowled 99 what do you think of that, however the rest of the team held me up.

I hear you had a little snow over the weekend.  We didn't have snow here, but the weather has been pretty cold for the last week and its been raining to-day.

I was wondering if you found out anything new about the price they wanted for the land out there 

Hitler on Time coverThree days before my father wrote this letter, Soviet troops had reached Berlin. German forces in the Ruhr had already surrendered. On April 12th, Allied troops had liberated Buchenwald and Belsen, and President Roosevelt had died. In four days, Mussolini would be caught and hung by Italian partisans. In a week, Hitler would commit suicide.
Buy Victory Bonds that if its up for sale.*

The Victory bond drive got going out here and some of the gang got away to a good start.  I havn't got started yet, but I expect to get going to-morrow I have twenty-five men to canvas, but i thinks its going to be tough this year.  Well thats all the news for now I'll send a wire if I don't get home on Friday

Love Bill (XXXX)

*My mother was still living in the house on Grandville, her parents' house. My father wanted to buy some land for an orchard. They ended up selling the land to buy a house just three blocks away, on Gray Avenue. They should have waited -- the land was sold again for considerably more than they got.

T.E.S. Aylmer Ont
May 24/45
Dear Agnes

Just a line to let you know that I won't be home this week end, as far as I can find out we will be at clases all day Saturday and there will be no pass on Sunday. 

I wrote a letter to Ottawa requesting a discharge, there seems to be a few getting out, so I put in my bid.  Some of the others here are doing the same.

Agnes and Bill's weddingI may have to send for my summer uniform if the weather stays as warm for the next few days.  However I don't think we will have to wear them untill I get home next week end.

That must have been quite a wind storm in Toronto on Monday although it wasn't too bad right here but it was still pretty windy.  Some one dropped a ciggerett but under the steps and nearly set the building on fire, however they got it before any damage was done

Well thats all the news for now love till I see You


The day before this letter was written, Heinrich Himmler had committed suicide. On May 8th, Germany surrendered -- V-E day. The war in Europe was over. The German High Command was imprisoned, and preparations for the Nuremberg trials had begun.

RCAF Aylmer
May 31
Dear Agnes

I will be home this week end on a 48 we made out our passes this morning.  I was going to write last night but I wasn't sure then.

This is quite the station here.  They talk about Torbay being in the bush but its much easier to get out of there than it is out of here.

I wrote down to Ottawa for my pay rechord and they sent the wrong one, however I went over to the pay section yesterday and they gave me some money.

I wonder when we are going to get some warm weather the last few days here it was so cold here we nearly froze at night.  Last Sunday was a great day though after mass in the morning we cut all the lawn around the barracks then played ball all afternoon.

Its no trouble to go to mass here on week days my class room is directly in front of the barracks and the priest has his office and a little chapel in the same building and he says mass at five O'clock at night.  so its just a question of walking down the hall from one room to another.

That application I put in for my discharge they gave me back, and told me I would have to apply direct to the transport command when I got back to Ottawa, so I won't know what the score is now till I get back

I had a letter from Paul Morin and he said they are just as busy as ever there although he says some of the boys have got their discharge of the flying crews, and one mann off the floor, F/S Bartlett is the man of the floor and he was one of the men that hadn't made an application when I left.  So I don't know what the score is

Well that's all the news for now till I see you on Friday.  lots of love till then


In five days, the Allies would have divided up Germany according to the Yalta accords and taken over the government. Before the end of June, the United Nations Charter would be signed in San Francisco. In a month, U.S., British and French troops would move into Berlin.
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